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Stephanie’s professional activities include observing, interviewing and assessing children, teenagers, adults and families using a portfolio of psychometric tests, developmental assessment of pre-school children, dynamic assessments and following clinical procedures. Stephanie then meets the student’s parents and teaching team to give feedback of her findings, before writing them up in a report.


Standard Assessment

This is structured to gather a student’s views before assessing their cognitive ability, executive function and attainment skills. Stephanie then writes the findings in a report.


EHCP Assessment

Stephanie completes assessments to assist with Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) applications and appeals. She first gathers and reviews the student’s background information then carries out an in-depth educational psychology assessment, the aim of which is to identify the student’s areas of special educational need (cognition and learning, specific learning difficulties, attention and concentration, memory and processing difficulties, learning delays and social, emotional and mental health) and recommend how best they should be supported in their learning environment. This also includes assisting staff with the inclusion of children within mainstream schools, as well as guiding teaching staff working with children in specialist provisions.

Stephanie then writes her findings in a detailed report.


Addendum Reports

Stephanie completes further assessments if requested; visiting and reviewing the parent and local authority choice of schools (noted in Section I of the student’s EHCP), and writing her findings in an addendum report.


Attendance at Tribunal Hearings

Stephanie attends tribunal hearings as an expert witness.



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