Fees vary according to the type of service required, but generally fall into these categories:

Standard Cognitive Assessment 

(IQ, Reading, Maths, ability etc)          £680


Assessment for EHCP/appeal         £1,450


School visits (including report)          £600 (per morning or afternoon)


One hour session,

One-to-one or with family                   £120


Conference call attendance            £150


Daily locum rate                           £700


Tribunal attendance                          £800 (Full day)

                                                             £500 (Half day)                                                                                                                                                  

Travel costs (from Bristol)                  £40 per hour + 45p per mile                                                                                    

All prices quoted are for guidance purposes and will be discussed as part of negotiating Stephanie's involvement.


If a tribunal is not going ahead, she needs to be informed at least twenty-four hours in advance to avoid paying the full cost of her attendance.

©Stephanie Warman 2021

MSc (Educational Psychology)

BSc (Hons) PGCE 

I am registered with The Health Professions Council and my service is completely confidential (in compliance with The British Psychological Society Code of Practice).