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"I can't recommend Steph highly enough.  She has been friendly, supportive and extremely professional, and worked at high speed to help us get our paperwork in order for submission to tribunal.  

     Her report was really thorough and clear and showed that she really understood my son's support needs.

     Steph was key to making the Local Authority understand they were doing the wrong thing."

                                                                                                                                          Parent, Bristol. August 2023

"Stephanie came highly recommended to me and has been fab from start to finish.  Being a new SEN parent I was lacking knowledge and found the process overwhelming, however, Stephanie spent a good amount of time explaining the process and how she could help. 

      Her communication, report times and process has been prompt and professional and you can really tell she had taken the time to get to know my child, to understand her needs further.  I’m pleased to say, thanks to a wonderfully written, in depth report from Stephanie, we have managed to secure the perfect secondary school place for my daughter, with a provision that will allow her to thrive and we as a family are excited for my daughter's future." 

                                                                                                                                          Parent, Bramley. September 2021

"Stephanie is a very knowledgeable and experienced professional. 
     She travelled a long way to visit our son in school and then to our home for more information.
     Her report was thorough and well presented and we did feel we got value for money.  Luckily our case did not reach tribunal in the end and that was, in part, due to the robust evidence provided by Stephanie. 
     She provided an addendum to her initial report when we quickly needed to change schools at the last minute. 
     We have no hesitation to strongly recommend her services."
                                                                                                                                               Parent, Fleet. September 2020
"Stephanie came highly recommended to us.  She is very easy to talk to and totally understands my young daughter's SEN.

     Her reports are thorough, with needs and provisions precisely identified.

We successfully received an EHCP with everything Steph had recommended and we are hugely grateful for her expertise, hard work and support. 

     We could not have done it without her, thank you Stephanie!"

Parent, Dorking. August 2020
"I feel like Stephanie has been the backbone of our success in getting our son an EHCP and following it through. She went into his school and did the most fantastic review - doing a classroom observation, assessments, talking to teachers, TAs and the SENCo, as well as coming to our house and gathering our concerns.
      She collated all of this information, as well as multiple medical reports into the most coherent and detailed report I’ve read. The provision she outlined was clear, concise and extremely well written.
      She has a detailed and thorough knowledge of the EHCP process, outcomes, provision etc. I would highly recommend her. My husband also recommended her to a colleague at work who has also used Stephanie and been equally impressed."
Parent, Trowbridge. August 2020
"Stephanie was amazing with our daughter and went above and beyond in her professional capacity, visiting us at home in difficult times due to Covid-19 restrictions.

     She quickly established rapport with our daughter and adapted her approach to ensure she fully understood our daughter’s needs. Her report writing was excellent and has enabled us to obtain the much-needed EHCP that we had battled for over many years. I will definitely be recommending Stephanie to others in the same position."

Parent, Swindon. July 2020
"We couldn't recommend Stephanie highly enough. Stephanie has been instrumental every step of my son’s lengthy EHCP journey.  Thanks to Stephanie our son has now secured placement at a Dyslexia and ASD friendly provision, which we never would have dreamt possible before working with Stephanie and following her invaluable advice. 
     Stephanie has quite simply saved our son from school days full of sadness and exclusion, throwing him a lifeline to achieve his potential, fulfil his dreams and have a happy future.  We are forever in her debt.”
Parent, Stratford-Upon-Avon. July 2020
"Steph's expertise, advice and support with my daughter was extremely helpful. Using a range of in depth assessments, she gained a clear understanding of my daughters needs and provided invaluable advice both to school and to me as a parent. My daughter has now been able to access the educational support she needs for her dyslexia, is making progress with her learning and has grown in confidence.  Steph is approachable, knowledgeable and compassionate and I would not hesitate to recommend her."
Parent, Gloucestershire. June 2018
"Stephanie is a principled and passionate Educational Psychologist who tells you the truth as it is. She always puts the needs of the child before any other consideration and believes in the right to access education fully enabling a child to reach their full potential."
Trainee Teacher at Merthyr College University of Glamorgan. September 2012
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